HFMD Health Policy Priorities 2023

The HFMD is a non-partisan organization. We are committed to seeing that our community members have access to the health care they need, including the medication their Hematologist prescribes. We also know that you can be your own strongest Advocate by getting involved.

Get involved today by contacting your state Senator and State Representative with a phone call, email, or letters. Minnesota Legislature (mn.gov)

Or contact the HFMD info@hfmd.org if you are facing challenges in getting the care you or a family member need, or if you are being denied any co-pay assistance.


Bills related to the MN Drug Formulary and Drug Formulary Committee:

-Drug Formulary Reform Bill HF 1159 and SF 1129 Marnie F: This bill requires more transparency and notice regarding the drug formulary list from the Drug Formulary Committee including the terms of any drug formulary contracts and among other things, gives a seat on the committee to the rare disease council. HFMD SUPPORTS THIS Bill

-Drug Formulary changes limited to annual HF 294, SF 328 Jennifer B: Health plans would be restricted to making changes to their drug formularies to once a year. A troublesome amendment initiated by DHS regarding their desire to change their formulary up to four times a year but this amendment is not on the bill currently.  HFMD Does Not SUPPORT THIS Bill

 Bills relating to rare disease and access:

-Rare Disease Access/Diagnosis Bill HF 384/SF 1029 Marnie F: This bill gives immediate access to those in rare disease community. It is supported by a broad coalition and has been initiated by Childrens’ Gillette. HFMD SUPPORTS THIS Bill

Rare Disease Advisory Council funding Bill: has been heard in both bodies so far    – SF 705 (Senator Morrison, HF 988 (Rep. Reyers) HFMD SUPPORTS THIS Bill

Bills relating to copays:

CoPay Cap Bill SF 120, HF 348 Jennifer B: This bill restricts copays to $25 for asthma, diabetes, and epi-pens. HFMD SUPPORTS THIS Bill

Disclosure on patient assistance by ins. Co. HF 76, SF 424: This bill would require transparency in the application and consideration of drug assistance plans and is similar to the purpose of the co-pay accumulator. Other bills by Rep. Elkins have been introduced (HF 1711) which would require similar disclosure by PBMs of rebates and other compensation to “covered persons.”        HFMD SUPPORTS THIS Bill

Additional Information:

House Health Finance and Policy Committee members 2023 https://www.house.mn.gov/Committees/members/93010

Senate Health & Human Services committee members 2023 https://www.senate.mn/committees/committee_bio.html?cmte_id=3123&ls=93

The DFC by as it is currently composed of 4 physicians, 3 pharmacists, and one consumer representative, and one staff. All appointments are made by the HHS Commissioner. The DFC works, among other issues, on defining prior authorization and over the counter drugs. It also works on what drugs are exempt from mandatory generic substitution.




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